chris richards

As an aspiring coach, I was eager to learn the “techniques” and get everything down pat … having Wendy as my coach took me way beyond technique and enabled me to access and bring forth my heart to the clients I work with. She has the capacity to create a safe space such that you’ll go farther than you ever thought you could … and you’ll definitely have some fun along the way!


Kandice Henning - Founder and Executive Director Alive Center

Wendy is a fun, energetic teacher that has the wisdom to guide her students.  You will have fun with her!

Ramesh M.jpg

Ramesh Muthusamy - Founder and Chief Consultant at Alvigor Organisational Development

Wendy started the amazing workshop with “Relationships are a replay of childhood wounds...” and oh boy did she get my undivided attention.  Wendy covered many powerful facets of relationships effortlessly and with great effect.  She breathes so much life into the Heal Your Life principles such that I was completely immersed into my own discovery.  Her story will definitely touch, heal and shift you in ways only Wendy Kuhn can.

Ana Joy.jpg

Ana Luisa Pelaez - Executive President Team member of Herbalife International/Wellness and Life Coach

I’m so thankful to you. You showed me to acknowledge my “best teachers” through love and wishing them well!


Louise Malt - woman extraordinaire

Wendy is a fantastic workshop teacher. Her creativity and talents allowed for an amazing space for discovery, empowerment and growth.  The way she presented the material was moving, enlightening, fun and inspiring. I highly recommend attending her workshops.