You deserve happy. Let's make it happen. 

Whether you're in a funk, going through a divorce, making a career change, or you just plain want to turn things up a notch ... or two ... or three, I can coach you on all of the above ... and then some! You can create whatever life you desire, so you might as well create a life that sets your heart on fire!

A life filled with power, passion, excitement, and a ton of kickass experiences!

This program will provide plenty of opportunity for your Inner Badass to shine for all the world to see! These coaching sessions are all about you! Whatever your obstacles, whatever your struggles, we will tackle them. Better yet, we will toss those suckers in the past and move onto bigger and better things for your future.

ready to dive into the happy pool? 


Let's do this! 

The Happy Life Coaching Program is a total of nine sessions, which includes three phone calls per month at 60 minutes each.  

The total cost of this program is $1125.00.

You have a choice of two payment options:

option one: prepay and Save 20% off your program. This brings the cost of your program down to only $900.00. Yippee Skipee! 

option two: 3 monthly payments @ only $375.00 per month. Sweet!

Are you not quite ready to take the plunge? 

No problemo!

I offer a FREE 30-minute Discovery Session where we can begin to explore how coaching can help you achieve your dreams, goals, and desires. 

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