Goals with Soul? I mean, that just sounds cool!

In the past, I was never really excited about setting goals. The whole process was just ... BORING! I would make list after list of stuff that I wanted to get, things that I wanted to do, places I wanted to go, or money that I needed to make. The goals always seemed so far-reaching, overwhelming, and just so empty. I had a difficult time "connecting" with my goals and getting excited about them. Do you know why? They were missing one very valuable ingredient. 

my soul

Oops. My soul. That's kind of important, I suppose! I never considered WHY I wanted these things in my life. I never checked in with my soul to ask, "Hey, does this help you to achieve your purpose in life? Does this FEEL good to you? Does this bring you joy? Is this what YOU really want or is this what everybody else wants?" Because of that, my goals went flat. I lacked the fuel to get the plane off the runway.

Your soul is what gives you fuel for your goals. The oomph. The power. The strength. The cheese for your mac. The cream for your coffee. The skip in your step. The martini in your shaker. Oooo! In conclusion, your Soul is your top priority when creating your goals. 

"You need to have soul-centered goals. You need to go about fulfilling those goals in life-affirming ways." Danielle LaPorte

When I discovered The Desire Map, my goal setting changed and therefore, I changed. 

I had a whole new outlook on my life and I actually began to achieve my goals this time! I mean ... hellooooo! I do believe that is the purpose in setting goals, right? To achieve them? Yep. Pretty sure. Once I did The Desire Map process and uncovered my Core Desired Feelings, it was easy peasy. I finally got that darn plane off the runway and now Wendy Airlines is flying through the air with the greatest of ease. I didn't even check my bag! Nope. I just took off! Laters!

Listen, I want to help YOU get your plane off the runway. I want you to experience Goals with Soul, so that you can live Your Life Your Way.

Your soul will be oh-so happy! 


In order to participate in the Goals with Soul Coaching Program, you need to have either:

  • Attended a Desire Map Level One workshop
  • Completed a Desire Map Level One Coaching Program

During the Goals with Soul Coaching Program, you will receive one-on-coaching, guidance through several awesome Desire Map exercises, and of course, you get me cheering you on throughout the entire process. By the end of the program, you will have a fresh new outlook on your future and a new list of goals for you to conquer and achieve. Goals with Soul, that is! 

When you're ready to get that plane off the runway, I'LL be your lovely co-pilot!

The goals with soul Coaching Program is a total of nine sessions, which includes three phone calls per month at 60 minutes each.  

The total cost of this program is $1350.00.

You have a choice of two payment options:

option one: prepay and Save 20% off your program. This brings the cost of your program down to only $1080.00. Yippee Skipee! 

option two: 3 monthly payments @ only $450.00 per month. Sweet!

Are you not quite ready to take the plunge? 

No problemo!

I offer a FREE 30-minute Discovery Session where we can begin to explore how coaching can help you achieve your dreams, goals, and desires. 

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