It's just me and you baby!

I would love, love, love, like totally LOVE to work with you one-on-one. How cool would that be? To be your mentor, to be your coach, to be your friend, to be your cheerleader, to be your sounding board, to be your lawfully wedded wife to have and to hold from this day forward. Wait! What? Huh? Maybe not that last part! But seriously, I want to help you become a conscious creator of your life.

I want to take you to that next level.

And there is always another level.

We should always be growing, expanding, evolving, and blossoming.

Ummm ... last time I checked, we only get this one lifetime. You only get one chance to step onto the stage and perform. Before you know it, the curtain will close. In my opinion, you might as well make it a kickass performance. I mean, I want to hear that audience cheering and saying, "Bravo! Bravo! You nailed it! I laughed! I cried! I almost peed my pants! You gave us ALL of you and we LOVE you for that! Thank you sooo much for sharing your bright, sexy soul with us! Bravo!" As you take your final bow, flowers are being thrown onto the stage and you smile with a final feeling of gratitude and bliss. Mmmmm. 

Let me tell ya' ... that isn't fluffy thinking either. I don't fluff anything. Except for my pillows. That is how we should ALL perform in life though. With gusto, strength, courage, authenticity, and love. Lots of love. It's about having freedom and making the choice to be you. Beautiful YOU. Whatever you want, my dear. There is a whole Universe out there filled with lots of yummy things. ALL FOR YOU. 

Are you ready to design your life?

I only have one requirement to becoming a client of mine. You MUST be ready and willing to make changes in your life. In order to create a new tomorrow, you have to stop repeating yesterday. If you can commit to playing full-out, then we will make a great team. I will commit to giving you my energy, my enthusiasm, my wisdom, my guidance, my love, my undivided attention, and my support. I might even share my gummy bears with you. The only thing I will not give you are the answers. Do you know why? Because the answers are already within you. We just have to tap into the core of your Being and bring out your Inner Badass. 

I'm ready when you are.

I offer three different coaching packages to fit your needs. And wants. Ya' gotta want. Wanting is FUN! You can check them out below and choose the one that floats your boat, tweaks your Twinkie, and makes you want to do a little dance.

Ohhh YEAH!



Learn how to take the UN out of unhappy and skip through a field of flowers. No matter where you're at in your life, we will pull the weeds and make your life oh-so beautiful! 

I Want Happy →


This is all about tapping into the core of your soul and discovering what you truly desire. It all comes down to how you want to feel in your life. You will gain clarity for the life you want to create.  

I Want Joy →


Not only does Goals with Soul SOUND cool, it IS cool! Once you have discovered your Core Desired Feelings in Level One, then we will design a kickass, feel-good life that makes it all happen.

I Want Freedom →